Our vision

Medium-sized Banks

Our vision of “value creation” leans on an increase in equity, but also the strengthening of the Group’s structures to make it less vulnerable to the inevitable tightening of regulatory frameworks that will impact our sector. 

Therefore, sufficient size and financial means are necessary to seize future opportunities.


At our size, growth opportunities in wealth management are ultimately linked to people.

Therefore, the evolution of shareholder structure becomes a necessary condition for the implementation of our strategy. We are ready for these changes, but only in accordance with the objectives stated below.

The strategy is therefore to seek the acquisition of small banks or new assets under management, if necessary by opening the current shareholder structure to key people involved in the targeted operations.

The desired outcome is to create value and generate the best return on invested equity with the lowest possible risk.

With no debt to third parties, our Group is self-financing.

The Norinvest Group operates with caution, perseverance, and rigor to preserve and increase the assets that have been established to date.

With Banque Cramer, we intend to continue our activities in Private Banking with an increasing number of clients, new talents, and the necessary financial means to implement our strategies and reward our shareholders.

Even more so than in the past, we will continue to identify and seize growth opportunities through strategic mergers and acquisitions. 

Over the last decade

  • Acquisition and merger with Banque de Patrimoines Privés (2010)
  • Acquisition and merger with Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion (2013)
  • Acquisition and merger with Valartis Bank ZH (2014)
  • Acquisition and merger with A.M. & Finance SA Lugano (2019)